Andy will work to make our tax dollars go further by ensuring that street maintenance and repairs are prioritized to the greatest need in District 6. Strategic investments in our roads will improve the quality of all streets and create savings that can be used on projects to help reduce traffic congestion and increase mobility in our community.

Prioritize Street Maintenance and Reduce Traffic Congestion

Make Neighborhoods Safer

Andy knows we can make our neighborhoods safer by developing a plan that ultimately includes an additional police substation in the expanding northwest area of District 6. Shorter response times, community-oriented policing, and ensuring a coordinated effort in fighting crime will help secure all our District 6 neighborhoods.

Create New Jobs and Grow Our Existing Economy

Andy is a Certified Public Accountant and owns a small accounting firm.  He understands the need to safeguard our tax dollars while the public and private sector work together to attract new businesses and create new jobs in our community.  Andy also recognizes we must promote already existing businesses in San Antonio to maximize positive, responsible growth.  Helping small businesses strengthens the backbone of our District and our City’s economy.